Helm's Deep

by KingDoom

The legendary Hornburg Battle from The Two Towers. Helm's Deep by KingDoom is a WarCraft III map where Isengard uruk-hais try to overcome Rohan defenders before Gandalf and Eomer's Rohirrims arrive.

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Two sides, two gameplays

Rohan plays with a limited army count trying to hold off limitless White Hand troops thrown at Helm's Deep defenses. Use a variety of different units and upgrade them strategically.

Unique heroes

Each player controls a hero from the Lord of the Rings lore. As the battle rages on, use your hero wisely to support your troops and tip the scales in your favor.


A fierce community competing to reach the top of the leaderboard. Helm's deep offers a lot of depth and strategic opportunity to overcome your opponents in tense games.

Join the community

We have an active discord community playing every day with people of any skill level. Newbies are most welcome, come and ask for tips!

 Download   Patch note   Guide   Ranking   Discord   Donate
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