Helm's Deep

by KingDoom

The legendary Hornburg Battle from The Two Towers. Helm's Deep by KingDoom is a WarCraft III map where Isengard uruk-hais try to overcome Rohan defenders before Gandalf and Eomer's Rohirrims arrive.

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Version 6.2 (01/04/2023)

General Balance

Version 6.1e (19/02/2023)

Bugs Balance

Version 6.1d (31/01/2023)

Fixed version 6.1c

  • Invigorated Pace boosts movement by 15% up from 10%.
  • New model for Aldor.

Version 6.1c (29/01/2023)

(bug) This version doesn't include 6.1b changes.

  • Militia HP up from 500 to 550.
  • Rohan Banner bounty increased from 15 to 20.
  • Shieldmen Defend cooldown reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Dreadful Growl AoE increased from 300 to 450.
  • Mirhúk range increased from 850 to 900.
  • Mirhúk parry chance increased from 50% to 75%.
  • Mirhúk banner reworked :
    • Changed damage bonus (5/10/15/20%) to 50% across all levels.
    • Cooldown changed from 60 to 60/50/40/30.
    • Duration reduced from 60 to 10.
    • Mana cost increased from 0 to 30.
  • New upgrade for Isengard: Invigorated Pace:
    • Gives a 10% speed buff to newly trained units.
    • Duration is 10 seconds.
  • Added Aldor the Elder for Théoden. Has a +1 strength aura.
  • New model for Gimli.
  • Few terrains and doodads improvements.

Version 6.1b (12/03/2020)

  • Man Flesh now heals 350 HP up from 250.
  • Draught Cauldron cost increased from 10 to 15.
  • Metal Scraps (Isengard) cost reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Metal Scraps (Rohan) cost reduced from 150 to 100.
  • Arrow Volley cooldown reduced from 240 to 210.
  • Immortality cooldown reduced from 240 to 210.
  • New sound upon bombs timer expiration.
  • New sound for the Horn of Helm Hammerhand.
  • Rohan Banners now remain visible when broken.
  • Gimli cannot leap towards non-walkable ground anymore.
  • Aragorn's Wide Slash stun duration is now more accurate.
  • Elven Song sound wont be interrupted when Legolas gets out of camera view anymore.
  • Stability improvements and other minor fixes.

Version 6.1a (07/03/2020)

  • Rohan units gold bounties are now flat values instead of a random range.
  • Bombs are now less of a do-or-die mechanic. Lighter is tougher and bomb damage is decreased.
    • Bombs now deal 500 damage at their core down from 700.
    • Lighter hit points up from 100 to 250.
    • Lighter now gains +1 from armor upgrades up from 0.
  • New Models for Rohan Banners! (Courtesy of @Jaccouille)
  • Reverted Théoden mounted model to the classic skin.
  • New feature: auto supply allies with lumber.
    • Foundry autocast skill to turn on/off.
    • Can be cast on an ally to send lumber above threshold to them.
    • Use the chat command "-lsX" to set the threshold value to X.
    • Auto sends lumber above threshold when an ally makes a Battering Ram, upon lumber income and when activating auto-supply.
    • Game start default values: auto-supply activated, threshold = 5.
  • Fixed an issue where some heroes would not have the correct gold bounty amount.
  • Fixed gold earned stats for Isengard.
  • Fixed an issue where dead Rohan Soldiers could become Rohirrims upon Hall Gate destruction.
  • Fixed transparency glitches on some imported models.
  • Fixed more sources of random minor bugs and potential crashes.
  • Unused Isengard player slots are now limited to one Battering Ram as well.

Version 6.1 (25/02/2020)

Time and terrain
  • Gandalf timer down from 30 to 24 (-20%)
  • "Rohan win" timer after Gandalf decreased from 3 to 2 minutes.
  • Bomb timer down from 8 to 7:30 minutes.
  • Heroes revive time lowered from 60 + 6*lvl to 45 + 5*lvl.
  • Upgrade times decreased from 30/45/60 to 30/40/50.
  • Legolas ramp choke enlarged by one hex.
  • Wall lower choke is now sideways.
Bounties and experience
  • Isengard Heroes experience increased by 10%.
  • Rohan Heroes experience increased by 37.5%.
  • Rohan Archers and Spearmen experience bounty reduced.
  • Elves, Rohirrims and King's Guards experience bounty increased.
  • Isengard periodic income increased from 4 to 3.5 seconds.
  • Gold bounties changes:
UnitUruk SwordsmanRohan HeroesIsengard HeroesBattering RamLadderWarg RiderCrossbowmanBombWhite Hand Banner
Units stats
  • Main, Hall, Cave Gates down from 60k to 40k.
  • Keep Gate down from 30k to 20k.
  • Reinforced Structure now has 2 levels of upgrade. Ladders bounty increases with each upgrade.
  • Shieldman armor changed from 6+2 to 5+3.
  • Banner Resilience armor bonus increased from 6 to 7.
  • Wooden Shield and Iron Forged Shields cost lowered from 300/400/500 to 250/350/450.
  • Equip Shields cost lowered from 400 to 300.
  • Archer and Spearman armor upgrade up from +1 to +2.
  • Rohan Militia now hit faster and deal more damage overall.
  • Rohan melee units are now a bit weaker without upgrades, as strong with +1/+1 and stronger with higher upgrades. Base and upgrades stats:
UnitMilitaRohan SoldierKing's GuardRohirrimElf Warrior
V6.0 23-27(1.35s)/5
V6.1 17-20(1s)/4
  • Uruk-hai swordsman and Warg Rider attack speed reduced by 20%.
  • Strenghtened breed now adds 10% attack speed instead of 2 base damage.
  • Weapons upgrade for swordsmen increased from 1-4 to 2-5.
Hero abilities
  • Gamling's Spririt Fortitude range decreased from 900 to 500.
  • Elf Swiftness now pushes back units on the way more efficiently.
  • Light-Footed cooldown down from 120 to 90.
  • Battle Formation:
    • Area of effect from 600/700/800/900 to flat 750.
    • Duration from 25 to 15/20/25/30.
    • Defense increase from 2/4/6/8 to 5/6/7/8.
  • Mirhúk's bow range up from 800 to 850.
  • Grenade damage up from 100 to 125
  • Uruk Fury cooldown decreased from 180 to 150.
  • Dreadful Growl aoe up from 200 to 300.
  • Troll Regeneration down from 10/15/20/25 to 8/12/16/20
  • Troll Forged Armor ignores 23 damage up from 22
  • Blood Thirst:
    • Now increases damage taken by 25%.
    • AoE damage increased from 30% to 50%.
  • Ram pathing fixes.
  • Ram charge shouldn't push banners anymore.
  • Fixed a few tooltips.
  • Gamling will now be able to learn his second skill after level 10 in the case it wasn't learnt at level 10.
  • Sometimes Mirhúk's wrong skill would be disabled upon revival.
  • Crossbowmen wont stop upon completion of Ignited Bolts research anymore.
  • Some units would not get as much damage from upgrades as intended.
  • Fixed several sources of random minor bugs and potential crashes.

Version 6.0j (16/02/2020)

  • Auto train will now be disabled with a single cancel or when any non-swordsman is queued.
  • Stats for Battering Rams deaths/kills are fixed.
  • Added Ranking Modes for subrankings by team and by hero on wc3stats.
  • Added items investment to stats.
  • Blowing the Horn now gives a 25% speed buff to allies for 30 seconds as well.
  • Bombs now deal 700 damage at their core and decreased damage based on distance (0 damage at 480 range). This means the farthest units will now take less damage but the closest units will take more damage than before.
  • Battering Rams:
    • Pathing now ignores ladders.
    • Acquisition range set to 500 down from 1150.
    • Repair ability will now repair up to 3000 HP instead of 100%.
    • New Charge ability. Activate for 5 seconds to increase speed by 20% and push units in the way. 15 seconds cooldown.
  • Event "Fall back to the keep" now also needs the wall to be breached in addition to both trainers dead.
  • Mount now has a 5 seconds cooldown.

Version 6.0i (12/02/2020)

  • Heroes revive time fixed.
  • Aragorn can now knock ladders sieged on the breach part of the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where ladders would not die with breach explosion.
  • Fixed an issue where players could make more than 1 ram.
  • Fixed random relocate issue.
  • Keep Gate should now close properly upon floating timer expiration.
  • Fixed some statistics issues (wc3stats).

Version 6.0h (11/02/2020)

  • Operating a gate will now show who did it on the gate's command card.
  • Replays now contain statistics powered by wc3stats.com:
    • Rankings leaderboard.
    • You need to upload replays here, or use the replay uploader available on the same link.
    • Global map statistics (kills per player, upgrades researched and more!)
    • Replay timeline showing the sequence of events such as breach, gates destroyed and upgrades researched.
  • New custom model for Haldir. No longer shall he be invisible in classic mode.
  • Fixed an issue where heroes could not cast certain abilities anymore after reviving.
  • Restore banner would use 150 gold despite the description. Set the effective cost to 100 gold.
  • Mauhúr's production will now be canceled after relocating to fix the stucked production queue.
  • Several cosmetics fixes.
  • Improve upgrade is stronger than expected. The rework intent was to avoid powering rams through one player. To better reflect this, base stats are increased and Improve efficiency is reduced:
    • Base attack up to 1500 from 1000.
    • Base HP up to 3000 from 2000.
    • Improve now adds 750HP/375DMG down from 1000HP/500DMG.
    • Instead of adding the full amount of Improved HP to the current ram health, the ram will keep its current HP%.
    • Bounty is now 70 + 15 per Improve.

Version 6.0g (06/02/2020)

  • Rams have been reworked
    • Limited to one at a time per player
    • Costs 10 lumber down from 20
    • HP down to 2000 from 4000
    • Damage down to 1000 from 2000
    • Bounty down to 50 from 100. +25 per upgrade
    • Upgrade a ram for 5 lumber (+1000 HP, +500 damage). Can be upgraded multiple times
    • Repair a ram for 10 lumber (back to 100% life)
  • Fixed the music playlist
  • Fixed hovering ladders near the breach
  • Fixed shieldmen morphing to bears
  • Fixed a bug where lighters could trigger an explosion in the center of the map
  • Added a buff on ladders to show reinforced structure upgrade
  • Fixed cinematic animations
  • Several minor cosmetic fixes

Version 6.0f (03/02/2020)

  • Reduced Restore Banner cooldown from 90 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Added new aura effect model for Hardiness.
  • Added hero glows for Legolas, Haldir, Mirhuk, Battle Troll.
  • Fixed shielded elves switch to bow skill.
  • Fixed banners aura model.
  • Fixed the "not enough space" bug when switching elves to swords.
  • Fixed A True King tooltip.
  • A True King aura effect model wont be visible before learning the skill anymore.

Version 6.0e [Reforged] (02/02/2020)

  • Mirhuk's Grenades are now on 45 seconds cooldown after each shot.
  • Cave Gate closed at game start.
  • Children are now vulnerable again.
  • Haldir's Immortality should now trigger AoE only when resurrecting.
  • Updated doodads to fit reforged terrain.
  • Fixed morphing "bear bug".
  • Fixed models for reforged.
  • Banners are clickable again.

Version 6.0d (18/05/2019)

  • Mauhúr's Wargs cannot be summoned through gates anymore.
  • Banners. In an effort to promote wall defense and discourage early retreat:
    • Resilience (Banners) : armor bonus increased from 4 to 6.
    • Proudness (Banners) : damage bonus increased from 15% to 20%.
    • Removed the two inner keep banners and the two courtyard banners.
  • Keep Gate:
    • When both elf trainers die, the Keep Gate closes after 2 minutes and cannot be open anymore.
    • Floating text over the Keep Gate displays the countdown to definitive closing.
    • Keep gate life decreased from 40 000 to 30 000.
  • Haldir's Immortality should now trigger AoE properly every time.
  • Fixed an issue where Mirhúk had no lifesteal / parry after resurrection.
  • Fixed an issue where Mirhúk's arrows would not poison his targets.
  • Reset Camera now resets the angle to default as well.

Version 6.0c (12/05/2019)

  • Mauhúr (Gray) can now relocate War Leaders into the deep wall courtyard. This is an upgrade from the Foundry, available if the wall is breached, the elf trainers are dead and the keep gate is destroyed.
  • Ladders can now deploy on the left outer keep wall inside the courtyard.
  • Uruk-Hai Crossbowman armor upgrade is now +2 up from +1. This will give more meaning for the underused armor upgrade. Isengard players can also choose to specialize towards crossbowmen a little bit more instead of going for other upgrades.
  • Bombers are very weak for their cost, although worth the potential damage, it should be possible to place bombs even against good players. Lighter remains as is. Bomber is now tougher:
    • HP are 290 up from 100.
    • Armor is 2 up from 0.
    • Bomb deploy range is now 75 up from 50.
  • Added doodads to make some chokepoints less deadly:
    • Around the shop at the right inner keep wall.
    • In the Hall to reduce the efficiency of stacked archers.
  • Fixed an issue (hopefully) where Uruk-hais would not auto move after climbing ladders.

Version 6.0b (05/05/2019)

  • Legolas has a new ability: Light-Footed. Disables collision for 5 seconds and increases speed by 50%. 2 minutes cooldown.
  • Changed chat font to a more standard one.
  • Fixed a possible issue where Théoden could not cast skills anymore.
  • Fixed ladders pathing issue where ladders could be randomly disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where White hand banner doodad was not properly killed when expired.

Version 6.0a (04/05/2019)

Gameplay / Balance:
  • Added Reinforced Structure upgrade: reduces damages inflicted to ladders by 15.
  • Aragorn now has the ability to knock a ladder down with a 3 minutes cooldown, available at level 2. Doesn't earn bounty from killed ladder.
  • Crossbowmen can't attack gates anymore.
  • Strengthened Breed is now displayed as a passive ability.
  • King's Guards now benefit from elves upgrades.
  • Removed Athelas looping sound effect.
  • Votekick is now over 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
  • New icons!
  • King's Guards are now counted in total food.
  • Deploying a ladder will not affect units still climbing the previous ladder on that location anymore.
  • Replacement's hero revive timer will now be properly hidden upon resurrection.
  • Haldir Immortality AoE now properly triggers if used more than once.

Version 6.0 RELEASE (10/03/2019)

  • New UI skins.
  • New fonts.
  • New loading screen.
  • Fixed a few tooltips.
  • Extended Range is now displayed as a passive ability for archers and spearmen.
  • When Gandalf arrives, Rohan wins after 3 minutes if Isengard hasn't won yet.
  • A 3 minutes timer was added for the Rohan win countdown after Gandalf arrives.

Version 6.0 BETA9e (06/03/2019)

  • New UI skins.
  • New custom visual effects for several skills.
  • New icons.
  • New model for elf trainer.
  • Fixed Gimli Blow the Horn ready message.
  • Fixed a game crash occuring when Isengard team is empty.
  • Attempt to fix ladder pathing not working on rare occasions.
  • War Cry's buff is no longer "Roar".
  • Fixed Warg Rider model origin point.
  • Fixed a few tooltips.
  • Restore Banner now costs 100 gold down from 150.
  • Retreat Tactics gold cost reduced from 100 to 50.
  • Replenishment Mixture gold cost increased to 15 from 10.
  • Breaking smash damages decreased from 125/150/175/200 to 100/120/140/160. Uglúk is already a strong damage dealer and Breaking Smash has too much synergy when used with other skills.

Version 6.0 BETA9d (24/02/2019)

  • Battle Troll's Blood Thirst now costs 50 mana.
  • Killing battering rams can be very punishing for Isengard and somtimes determine if a game is won or lost. To make Isengard rely a bit less on rams, the following changes were done:
    • Battering Rams damage down from 3000 to 2000 (-33%)
    • Hall, Main and Cave Gates life down from 90000 to 60000 (-33%)
    • Keep gate life down from 50000 to 40000 (-20%)
Battering rams will kill gates just as fast as before, but units will also play a bigger role in killing gates. Gameplay:
  • Added a button in the bottom left to change camera zoom.
  • Player initiating votekick now has a yes vote by default.
  • Replacement dialog will not show when a player leaves anymore.
  • Isengard leavers lumber is now shared between allies on income.
  • Added "Bomb timer expiration" requirement for lighter and bomber.
  • Fixed an issue where units climbing up ladders were sometimes not issued to attack move forward.
  • Unsieged ladders are now removed from the game when dead.
  • Blow the Horn cooldown message should be synced with the actual cooldown.
  • Camera position will be properly restored after Gandalf cinematic.
  • Fixed kicked player's units sharing
  • Fixed several tooltips

Version 6.0 BETA9c (18/02/2019)

  • Light armor (Militias) now reduces damage from normal attacks to 80%.
  • Unsieged ladders can now be targeted by melee units.
  • Fixed several possible causes of crash.
  • Fixed cave gate triggering "Now for wrath".
  • Fixed an issue where unallowed units could climb ladders.

Version 6.0 BETA9b (17/02/2019)

Fixed a game crash. Thank you very mush oksar, Genitiv, Mirhook and Speedheart for the testings.

Version 6.0 BETA9a (16/02/2019)

With the new gates that rams will auto attack, having a few Battering Rams at once can be rapidly overwhelming for the defenders.
  • Battering Ram
    • Hit points are lowered by 20%, from 5000 to 4000.
  • Gamling
    • Bounty set to 15 (was default).
    • Spirit Fortitude aura range increased from 500 to 900.
  • Aragorn
    • Arrow Volley no longer damages friendly units. AoE reduced from 300 to 250.
    • Battle Formation duration increased from 15 to 25 seconds, mana cost decreased by 10.
  • Legolas
    • Elven Song mana cost decreased to 150 from 200.
  • Militia
    • Armor set to small to reduce damage from normal attack but increase damage from arrows.
  • King's Guard
    • Bounty decreased from 15 to 10.
Bugs and gameplay:
  • Added a votekick system:
    • May be initiated by an ally of the player to votekick.
    • Only allies of the voted player can vote.
    • Needs all the allies of the voted player to vote against him to kick him.
    • Doesn't work when only 2 players remain on the same team.
  • Lighter's hotkey set to I to not conflict with rally point
  • Fixed an issue where replacement's Isengard hero could revive after Gandalf arrived.
  • Restored the soldiers to Rohirrim event when the hall gate dies (12 soldiers are randomly chosen in the hall to become Rohirrims). Didn't trigger due to new gates (BETA9).
  • Rohan Banners no longer benefit from auras.
  • Boots and Cauldrons are now available in unlimited supplies.
  • Breaking Smash performance improved.
  • Equalized the volume of imported sounds.
  • Fixed Shieldman and Rohan Market camera portrait
  • Fixed an issue where removed ladders could still be used after Gandalf arrives.
  • Legolas elves will now benefit from his Rohan upgrades.

Version 6.0 BETA9 (13/02/2019)

  • Mirhúk Morgul Arrows autocast is not turned off when going melee anymore (still disabled)
  • Sounds are now 3D and localized on the action
  • Several new sounds for skills and game events !
  • Mirhúk's Light Plate (+1 armor) removed. He now has a Morgul Blade that gives 50% lifesteal.
  • Heroic Tales now heals 500 HP up from 250.
  • Added a 5 seconds cooldown to Lembas and Uruk Beverage
  • Militia's armor changed from medium to normal, will reduce normal damage taken.
  • Banners and rams are no longer affected by buffs and debuffs.
  • First lumber income is at 30 seconds instead of game beginning.
Gates reworked:
  • Gates are now buildings and have their own skill to open/close.
  • Isengard treats gates as enemies which will help with the pathing and auto focus of gates.
  • Gates cooldown increased to 15 seconds up from 10 seconds.
  • Gates now have fortified armor.
  • Battering ram damage reduced to 3000 from 4000 to keep the same damage (bonus against fortified)
Shieldman reworked:
  • Hit points halved from 1050 down to 525.
  • Armor down from 12(+4) to 6(+2).
  • Forged Armor (10 damage reduction).
  • Medium armor (reduces piercing, extra damage from normal)
  • Defence state now reduces range attacks to 10% instead of 25%.
  • Cannot move while in defence state.
New item:
  • Draught Cauldron (Isengard): regenerates nearby units, 500 HP over 30 seconds.
  • Skills damage now ignore armor; this fixes the self damage as well (Troll Swipe for example)
  • Banners are now immune to poison damage from Morgul Arrows.
  • Fixed an issue when resurrecting heroes could be in the air if dying on a ladder.
  • Units are paused when gimli starts to speak for the Gandalf cinematic, to avoid having Isengard winning while the cinematic runs.

Version 6.0 BETA8c (05/02/2019)

  • Dreadful Growl mana cost decreased by half.
  • Elf swiftness mana cost decreased by half. Cooldown lowered from 15 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Units climbing ladders are now paused when they land if a cinematic is running.
  • Replacement cannot take control of players after the game is over.
  • Gimli cannot climb ladders while leaping anymore.
  • Fixed white hand banner model not destroyed when expiring (hopefully).
  • Swipe should no longer damage the Battle Troll.
  • Leaderboard should be displayed for replacements at start.

Version 6.0 BETA8b (04/02/2019)

  • Assassinate reworked:
    • Shows heal amount on hero
    • DoT is now lifestealing too.
    • Collision are disabled for 5 seconds after casting.
  • Mirhúk's ultimate changed: Grenades
    • Throws a grenade that does 100 damage and knockback + stun on an area.
    • Can cast 3 grenades before having a cooldown.
  • Grace of the Elves cooldown is lowered from 5 seconds to 1 seconds.
  • Athelas cooldown lowered from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Gamling has no more Rohan Strength. It was not very useful because the King's Guard have it and it doesn't stack.
  • Ladders are now removed from the game when Gandalf arrives.
  • White hand banner is no longer a building (will show the expiration time bar).
  • Shield Slide and Elf Swiftness now ignore collisions.
  • Isengard banners models should be properly removed when summoned unit expires.
  • Fixed paused units in cinematics that could be unpaused due to custom skills effects.
  • Fixed an issue where ladders would not work sometimes
  • Troll Swipe no longer affects dead bodies.

Version 6.0 BETA8a (27/01/2019)

  • Mirhúk in bow form now has a range of 800 up from 600.
  • Fixed an issue where Mirhúk Assassinate could be permanently disabled.
  • Resilience from Rohan Banners not affecting Isengard anymore.
  • Hopefully fixed ladder delay after death.

Version 6.0 BETA8 (27/01/2019)


Because of the recent gameplay reworks including auto training, captains rework, Isengard heroes buff and many others, the game seems to be more forgiving for Isengard whereas one big mistake from Rohan can cost the game.
Most wins by Isengard are earned from big losses for Rohan in earlier stages and then won in the 5-15 minutes-before-Gandalf range. Most games won by Rohan are already over when Rohan had successful holds on the outer walls and then executes a smooth retreat, conducting to high upgrades for Rohan and a lot of archers remaining.
While the balance seems good, the longer games allows for more Rohan mistakes which tips in favor of Isengard. To retain the balance but make the games shorter:

  • Gandalf time is reduced to 30 minutes down from 35 minutes.
  • Bomb timer is reduced to 8 minutes down from 11 minutes.
  • Gates life are reduced to 90 000 (-10%) for main, hall and cave. Keep remains at 50 000. This may give up to a minute back to Isengard.
New Hero for Isengard! Mirhúk the Slayer (Dark Green):
  • Agility based
  • Can switch between bow and sword
  • Bow has a short range and slow attack with high damage
  • Sword has a fast attack and 50% chance to parry
  • Skills:
    • Assassinate (sword only): high damage life steal + bleeding damage and slow for a duration.
    • Morgul Arrows (bow only): Damage over time added to arrows
    • White Hand Banner: A banner with a damage aura (60 seconds span life and cooldown; no mana cost)
    • The Four Slayers(ult): Three slayers join Mirhúk in the fight (60 seconds span life)
  • Mauhur Call of the Wargs is now over 20 seconds up from 15 (same damage overall). This will leave more time for defenders to react.
  • Troll damage reduction reduced to 22 from 25 (-12%). In conjunction with Troll Regeneration, the damage reduction made the troll a bit too resistant to be handled by a restrained number of archers in the later stages of the game.
  • Haldir can now use any skill but Elf Swiftness in Archer form.
  • Legolas' Enemy Weakness now deals 20/30/40/50 bonus damage and costs 3/4/5/6 mana (old values were 10/20/30/40 and 2/3/4/5). This should help sniping specific units faster such as crossbowmen which can be difficult to deal with when Rohan has only a few archers remaning.
  • Crossbowmen collision size up to 20 from 15 to match other archers.
  • Troll should no longer damage himself with Swipe.
  • Fixed Dark Aura disabled learn icon.
  • Fixed landing location of Climb Down for some ladders.
  • Hero replacement dialog should show after cinematic intro instead of during the intro.
  • Hopefully fixed Haldir permanently disabled skills issue.

Version 6.0 BETA7a (20/01/2019)

  • Fixed isengard market color
  • Battle Troll's Swipe no longer damages allies. Fixed knockback origin point as well.
  • Battle Troll Forged Armor now reduces damages by 25 up from 20.

Version 6.0 BETA7 (20/01/2019)

New hero for brown (Battle Troll):
  • High resistance to damage
  • Troll regeneration (passive): increases health regeneration.
  • Dreadful Growl: reduces movement speed and high chances to miss on units in an area.
  • Swipe: Damage and knockback units in front of the troll.
  • Blood Thirst (ult): Increased attack speed and AoE damage on hit for a duration.
  • Removed 3 banners, moved the others around a bit to make them more disputable.
  • Bombs will now damage gates as well as units.
  • Bombs now deal less damage.
  • Crossbowmen collision size up to 15 from 10. Crossbowmen can be hard to spot or focus in the midst of battle. This should help newer players to see them.
  • Lowered experience factor for Rohan: 20% down from 22%.
  • New icon and new model for Gamling!
  • Gamling is now a hero and can choose one of three auras at level 1, another at level 10.
  • King's Guard will not try to attack ladders anymore.
  • Gimli's player will now see a message when the horn cooldown is over.
  • Replaced players will show as black.
  • Refined custom skills messages when casting conditions are not met.
  • Added a shield to the Rohan Militia icon to not be confused with archer anymore.

Version 6.0 BETA6a (11/01/2019)

  • Gates life is now displayed on the gates.
  • Open/Close Gate tooltip fixed
  • Gates are open at start.
  • Added a minimap ping on the horn when Gimli tries to blow out of range.
  • Unused soldiers spirits are now removed from the game.
  • Gates controls cannot be pushed by skills anymore.
  • Théoden now has Forged Armor instead of Parry
  • New icons! Especially Hope of Rohan has its own icon to not be confused with banners.
  • Fixed A True King when it could disappear sometimes (hopefully).
  • Fixed a bug where Remember Your Old Strength could lose its AoE damage effect.

Version 6.0 BETA6 (10/01/2019)

  • Replacements reworked : Not automatic anymore, but players can choose via a dialog to take control of a missing player.
  • Gates are now controlled with an operator instead of chat commands.
  • Rohan Banner are now considered enemy for Isengard players.
  • Gimli has a new passive instead of evasion : Warlike, reduces damages taken by 5.
  • "Blow the Horn" is now a Gimli skill instead of the Horn's skill
  • Unsieging ladders remain in player selection.
  • Lighter has a berserker model (like in the movie)
  • Defence state now reduces damage to 50% instead of 40%. Crossbowmen are expensive and more of a threat to archers with lower life than soldiers. This will make crossbowmen a little less specialized.
  • New icons for passive skills!

Version 6.0 BETA5b (06/01/2019)

  • Elf warrior no longer benefits from Extended Range (not intended in the first place)

Version 6.0 BETA5a (06/01/2019)

  • Fixed gates bug
  • Fixed captured markets alliance towards isengard
  • Fixed a bug where a banner could keep its aura when destroyed
  • Fixed the lighter model

Version 6.0 BETA5 (06/01/2019)

  • Added new models and skins for uruk hais, haldir archer, Rohan soldiers, buildings
  • Added terrain doodads
  • Added icons
  • Added custom UI skins : selection circle, cursors, health bars.
Gameplay / Balance
  • Reworked elves upgrades, which are now different than Rohan:
    • Elves warriors and archers now start out with the same armor (1, changed from 3 and 0)
    • Archers and Warrios have a common armor upgrade (+1 per level)
    • Warriors have a shield upgrade to increase their base armor (+2), and unlock a damage reduction ability (-3 damage / 50% chance) with 3 levels of upgrade.
  • Rohan/Elves gold base per upgrade is higher, but gold increment per level is lower, amounting to a slightly higher price overall.
  • Reworked the Rohan Captain.
    • Now banners are at the former captains spots and give Proudness (damage aura) and Resilience (armor aura)
    • New unit: King's Guard, strong warrior.
      • Rohan Strength Aura: higher health regeneration.
      • Can restore a broken banner for 150 gold.
  • Reworked the auto train feature (which was not really working):
    • Now activates only for uruk hai swordsmen.
    • When a swordsman is trained, another is queued every second.
    • Auto train stops when the player cancels the production or trains another unit than swordsman.
  • Removed critical strike / evasion to some units for less floating text and to make more sense. Example:
    • Rohirrims and Warg Riders don't have evasion anymore;
    • Rohan militia and Uruk Swordsman don't have either anymore.
  • Added "Wide Slash" to Aragorn to replace "Stunning" : Aragorn slashes an area before him, damaging, stunning and knocking back enemies in the area.
  • Climbing Down a ladder will now play an animation instead of teleporting the unit down.
  • Berserkers are very good when buffed and dealing AoE damage, but end up being a waste if they are not properly buffed. To make them less of a binary unit, their balance has been changed.
    • Cleaving Attack down to 8% from 10% (-20%).
    • HP up from 550 to 660 (+20%).
  • Warg Riders feel too well rounded and have no weakness in the end game.
    • Armor type changed to medium (extra damage from melee attacks).
    • Base armor down to 7 from 10. Armor Upgrades now give +3 armor up from +2.
    • Bounty up to 6 from 3.
  • Bounties were not activated if a player slot was empty.
  • Fixed replacements names on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed a bug where Haldir could have his skills disabled after Immortality was used.
  • Units climbing ladders can't be affected by knockback spells anymore.
  • Fixed a memory leak on the ladder climbing action

Version 6.0 BETA4 (01/01/2019)

  • Fixed Climb Down on some ladders.
  • Few icons and tooltips fixes.
  • Fixed the discord link which had somehow expired.
  • Captains now heal 40 health, up from 25.
  • Some terrain rework
  • Added custom models for elves.
  • Redesigned parts of the terrain, added doodads.
  • Reworked tooltips for more Middle-earth texts.
  • Reworked the breach in the wall : Now units will fly outwards the explosion point and be damaged for 50% of their health instead of instantly dying.
  • Several balance fixes including: Rohan upgrades are slightly more expensive, Keep gate is weaker, Isengard heroes have more health, removed health fountain in the caves, heroes skills reworked.
  • Ladders can now be unsieged instead of disabled.
  • New better quality LotR songs
  • New sounds for hero skills
  • New icons for items, skills and more!

Version 6.0 BETA3 (01/01/2019)

  • Fixed ladder pathing for two ladders on Legolas wall.
  • Deploy bomb works on a target point instead of deploying at the bombers location.
  • Rohan upgrades slightly more expensive.
  • Rohan items more expensive to keep a gold sink in the end game.
  • Reworked a few tooltips/icons and minor gameplay triggers.
  • Fixed (hopefully) Théoden's A True King skill and fixed spellcasting interruption while mounted.
  • Athelas and Hope of Rohan now heal more life.
  • Some underused hero skills cost less mana.
  • Legolas shield slide shoots faster.
  • Warg Commander ultimate is nerfed to a smaller area (700 instead of 800) which means he has to take more risks to use it.

Version 6.0 BETA2 (31/12/2018)

  • Fixed major bugs such as Legolas freezing when using Power Shot (first game of 6.0 beta testing :smile: )
  • Removed debug displays for certain skills
  • Updated items icons and tooltips

Version 6.0 BETA1 (31/12/2018)

  • Reworked most of the heroes skills : New custom skills! Fixed bugs on several skills (Arrow Volley sync, Stun animations not disappearing etc).
  • Théoden: Mount: move impaired through units but can't attack, Hope of Rohan: heals himself over time, A True King: damage aura enabled while attacking, Remember your old strength: hit faster in AoE for a duration.
  • Haldir: Cannot use skills while using his bow (except Immortality), Elf Switftness: passes through enemies and knocks them back, doing damage, Grace of the elves: buff an ally speed and attack speed, Immortality: now does AoE damage upon resurrection.
  • Aragorn: Battle Formation: short duration buff to surrounding units defense, Athelas: now melee range and heals over time, Cleave: AoE damage in front of Aragorn, stuns.
  • Legolas: Shield Slide: now shoots multiple arrows very fast while sliding.
  • Gimli: fixed skin. Might have a rework later on but is already in a good state
  • Uruk-Hai commander: AoE cleave skill reducing armor of enemies hit.