Helm's Deep

by KingDoom

The legendary Hornburg Battle from The Two Towers. Helm's Deep by KingDoom is a WarCraft III map where Isengard uruk-hais try to overcome Rohan defenders before Gandalf and Eomer's Rohirrims arrive.

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Version 6.1e (19/02/2023)

Bugs Balance

Version 6.1d (31/01/2023)

Fixed version 6.1c

Balance Gameplay

Version 6.1c (29/01/2023)

(bug) This version doesn't include 6.1b changes.

Balance Gameplay

Version 6.1b (12/03/2020)

Balance Gameplay

Version 6.1a (07/03/2020)

Balance Gameplay Bugs

Version 6.1 (25/02/2020)

Time and terrain
Bounties and experience
UnitUruk SwordsmanRohan HeroesIsengard HeroesBattering RamLadderWarg RiderCrossbowmanBombWhite Hand Banner
Units stats
UnitMilitaRohan SoldierKing's GuardRohirrimElf Warrior
V6.0 23-27(1.35s)/5
V6.1 17-20(1s)/4
Hero abilities

Version 6.0j (16/02/2020)

Gameplay: Balance:

Version 6.0i (12/02/2020)


Version 6.0h (11/02/2020)

Gameplay: Bugs: Balance:

Version 6.0g (06/02/2020)

Balance Bugs

Version 6.0f (03/02/2020)

Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0e [Reforged] (02/02/2020)

Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0d (18/05/2019)

Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0c (12/05/2019)

Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0b (05/05/2019)

Gameplay: Bugs:

Version 6.0a (04/05/2019)

Gameplay / Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0 RELEASE (10/03/2019)

Cosmetics: Gameplay:

Version 6.0 BETA9e (06/03/2019)

Cosmetics: Bugs: Balance:

Version 6.0 BETA9d (24/02/2019)

Balance: Battering rams will kill gates just as fast as before, but units will also play a bigger role in killing gates. Gameplay: Bugs:

Version 6.0 BETA9c (18/02/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA9b (17/02/2019)

Fixed a game crash. Thank you very mush oksar, Genitiv, Mirhook and Speedheart for the testings.

Version 6.0 BETA9a (16/02/2019)

With the new gates that rams will auto attack, having a few Battering Rams at once can be rapidly overwhelming for the defenders. Bugs and gameplay:

Version 6.0 BETA9 (13/02/2019)

Gameplay: Balance: Gates reworked: Shieldman reworked: New item: Bugs:

Version 6.0 BETA8c (05/02/2019)

Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0 BETA8b (04/02/2019)

Balance: Gameplay: Bugs:

Version 6.0 BETA8a (27/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA8 (27/01/2019)


Because of the recent gameplay reworks including auto training, captains rework, Isengard heroes buff and many others, the game seems to be more forgiving for Isengard whereas one big mistake from Rohan can cost the game.
Most wins by Isengard are earned from big losses for Rohan in earlier stages and then won in the 5-15 minutes-before-Gandalf range. Most games won by Rohan are already over when Rohan had successful holds on the outer walls and then executes a smooth retreat, conducting to high upgrades for Rohan and a lot of archers remaining.
While the balance seems good, the longer games allows for more Rohan mistakes which tips in favor of Isengard. To retain the balance but make the games shorter:

New Hero for Isengard! Mirhúk the Slayer (Dark Green): Balance: Bugs:

Version 6.0 BETA7a (20/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA7 (20/01/2019)

New hero for brown (Battle Troll): Balance: Gameplay:

Version 6.0 BETA6a (11/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA6 (10/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA5b (06/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA5a (06/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA5 (06/01/2019)

Cosmetics: Gameplay / Balance Bugs:

Version 6.0 BETA4 (01/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA3 (01/01/2019)

Version 6.0 BETA2 (31/12/2018)

Version 6.0 BETA1 (31/12/2018)

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